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Adventures in Stone Carving in Paxos, Greece

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

I rented a secluded villa on the small Ionian island of Paxos, Greece. At first I didn't admit to myself that what I really wanted was space and time and privacy to do some stone carving but at the last minute I packed my chisels. When the Andreas, the villa's caretaker picked me up at the ferry it wasn't more than two minutes before I blurted out a question about stonecarvers on the island. Andreas had never heard of anyone carving stone there but he said, "Look, we just tore down a stone wall at the villa and you can use any of that stone." An hour after I arrived I was down at the village hardware store trying to communicate the kind of hammer I looking for and two hours later I was stonecarving on the terrace using a makeshift setup. I was in heaven. The work wasn't that great but I got a lot of ideas about ways I could take stonecarving.

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