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EYEO Festival

I've been at the EYEO Festival at the Walker in Minneapolis this week and it is almost too much to take in. Below are just a few of the amazing speakers. Not their actual presentations at EYEO but close enough to give an idea.

The first was Alexander Chen who works at Google. His presentation was called Seeing Music.

And he worked to develop the Chrome Music Lab.

Then there was a very funny one by Kevin Slavin called No Seriously, Invisible Cities about Urban Metagenomics. Slavin was at MIT but is now at The Shed in NYC. He said his work on Metagenomics actually got its start from an EYEO Ignite session a few years ago.

There were also inspiring talks by Taeyoon Choi and Zach Lieberman from the School for Poetic Computation. (What a beautiful name for a school.)

On the first night there was an Ignite session with a handful quick talks. One of my favorites was by a young woman from Seattle who does Weird Side Projects. I'm not sure she uses her name on her site so I won't here but I am going to keep my eye out for her work as I walk around the city.

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