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Most of my life I trained as a fine artist but a credit shy of graduating I left school in Boston (Mass Art) to run off to Brazil and get married. Brazil is an amazing place, a seriously playful place. I was there for seven years and while I was there I studied art with people who came out of Escola Brazil. Those artists had a sense of inquiry in their approach to art that I hadn’t experienced before. I think it was this sense of inquiry that later prompted me to question what was happening on the pictorial surface and led me to pursue a degree in visual perception. But lately, I've gone back to art and to working in 3D and exploring sculpture. Some of this work is similar to work I did as a kid, sticking things together to make something else (though I didn't cast anything in bronze when I was a kid). Nor did I carve stone. But I wish I had. There is nothing quite like the first time your chisel hits the the stone and you realize that you're carving stone.

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