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My name is Jayme Jacobson and I am an instructional designer at the Center for Digital Learning and Innovation at Seattle University. My job involves helping faculty design online and hybrid courses and coming up with innovative solutions for what they are trying to do in those courses. This means that much of what I get to do is playful, which suits me perfectly.

I think personal themes and idiosyncrasies follow us throughout life. One of mine is a joy in putting together odd bits and pieces of things to make something new. I’ve been doing that since childhood. My family nickname was "The Scotch Tape Kid." I continue to do it even now with my some of my art.


But even as a learning designer, I find that one of the most satisfying aspects of my job is finding online solutions for faculty by fitting together tools that support their teaching needs. The online world has become like a giant Tinkertoy box, which means that finding and building learning solutions is a delight.

Jayme Jacobson 9.10.18 lt peri

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